They’re Blessed

Call the spotlights,
Invite the heathens,

Filled with graphs
And endless facts,

Children smiling,
Parents leaping,
And the venn diagram
Where all the shared parts
Breath like an ocean.

Give me more
Of that potion,
That liquor,
That tranquil desire,

And let me sink
Into these cushions,
Pushing buttocks
Till I find
The perfect position
To laze.

They can do anything now,
Bore me until
I’m the vegetable sludge
Spoon fed to infants,

The purified crisps
Placed on the tongues
Of christians.

I’ve never stopped listening,
I’m heavy like that,
And I get it,
They’re blessed,

There are billions of people on earth,
A trillion thoughts every second,

Thank God
They’re blessed.

One Response to “They’re Blessed”

  1. A masterpiece

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