Saying Goodbye

I tried to break the rules
And found myself toothless,
Curled up on a shed floor,
Whispering to gods
That didn’t exist,

The flickering
Polaroid breakdown,
Aghast  under cobwebs.

I remember the smell
Of dried mud on the trowels,
The grass on the lawnmower blades,
The heartbeats that coughed
And the tears.

Where are you now
Songbirds that littered my garden?
Perfumed reflections,
Tranquil digressions
And the calm twisted
Bodies of dawn?

I still swarm over meadows,
The hunt for direction continues,
The brief warmth of air streams
Puckered then popped,
Shocked like an Indian summer.

There were glimmers of hope
Till the rain fell,

And now it’s a wandering,
Shivering secret
That I’ve kept in my pocket
For years –

I’m not looking for someone,
I’m dreaming revenge,

I’ve stitched up these rainclouds,
Every breath brings the lightening,
Shaking the glorious sky,

Black like the gaps in my teeth,
A fresh way of saying goodbye.

5 Responses to “Saying Goodbye”

  1. This is incredible. Love it

  2. Thérèse Michelle Says:

    I just found your blog. I am enjoying reading your poetry.

    I love the last lines. Dark and beautiful.

  3. Thank you Scott and Therese 🙂

  4. Hi Dunstan, this is wonderful, the rhythm was the first thing I noticed, the words leave me speechless. You are a great poet.

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