Wooden Fruits

The improvised songs,
Boiled kettles,
Lazy Sundays in bed
With the biscuit sweats
And papers,

That painting
By the wardrobe
Of Adam and Eve

The kind of love
That closed doors
And found islands,

It was all there
Lined up
And ready
To be shot at.

They were sold
On make believe.

Young love
Is wasted on the old.

4 Responses to “Wooden Fruits”

  1. adam and eve,
    love and belief,

    very compact writing.

  2. How I love the line: ‘young love is wasted on the old’. Terrific!

  3. Oh Adam, oh Eve why did you have to bite that blasted apple!!? Love should always be pre-apple, don’t you think? When temptation rears it’s ugly head, smack that apple and turn back and focus on your Adam or Eve.
    I liked it and I’ll definitely be back to read you again. Blessings!


  4. Interesting. As far as I know, this is a good description of you as an old person. I wrote something very familiar saying: “Extraordinary love/Is wasted on the psychopath”

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