Weather Patterns Snapping

Scorched like the bark
On the park tree
Where the youths
Used to hang
Before boredom set in,

Or maybe
Just accidental victims
Caught in nothing
But rumours and fire,
Chameleon intrigue,
The walk of the liars
And the seminal
Street trick.

It was never enough
To just listen to songs,
They wanted to sing them,
They wanted to live them,

They were
Weather patterns

Another echo
From a
Badly attended
Dog fight,

An aggressive yawn
Blessing the dawn
Before closing

2 Responses to “Weather Patterns Snapping”

  1. Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche) Says:

    Wow, such a refreshing poetry to read in this bright morning….
    and a beautiful picture you present…

    much love

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