In The House Of Newspapers

In the house of newspapers
The sun curls its corners
And the draughts tickle
Yellow and jaded,

Yesterday’s headlines
And a tea stained blonde
Smiling towards sadness
And resting in time,

The twist of sly hindsight,
The hushed laughter of vengeance
And the untouched windowsills
Cracked in the heat.

Where once strode the pageant
Of black and white snapshots
There now sits abandon,
All wistful and saddened,

A coffee mug rotting,
A floor missing tiles,
The jubilant once was
Of now then goodbyes.

2 Responses to “In The House Of Newspapers”

  1. Oh…This is beautiful!

  2. “Smiling towards sadness”
    so creative…
    “Of now then goodbyes.”
    playful placement.
    nice stuff.

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