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As the thunder roars
Pigeons burst into the sky
Clouds crash and baptise


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I’ve been the sunshine
On this gravestone
For a little while,

And I’ll be blowing
Through your hairstyles
In a little while,

I’m the feeling
Known as sombre
And I’m coming down,

So put your helmets on
And sing your battle songs
I’m coming down.

Wild Bravery

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The lottery volition,
A death march roulette,

Fingers snapping,
Books burning,

A casual horn
Leading the violence

Of thought
And decision,

A sudden coldness
Hard kissing

Wild bravery
And the idiots

Who saw it all coming.


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I remember who I was
When I met you,

That shining marble
Falling and rolling
Down the stairs,

Slithers of sun
From the skylight

Tickling me
In glimpses.

I look at who I am now,
Nothing’s changed,

Just a little less light
From the stairwell,

Slightly dusty,

Still randomly rolling
And looking for exits,

Tickled by the
Sweet drafts of hope.

His Own Novel

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The stories rolled,
A hundred cities,
A thousand adventures,

Bucket lists unravelled,
Mountains rose
And rivers flowed,

Festivals and ravines,
Carnivals and dolphins,

No room left for the dark,

A huge light
Shining bright.

When he left the room
I wondered
Did all that wandering
Really bring joy?

Or was he just a bored man
Joining the dots
And colouring shapes?

Desperate to become
His own novel.