The Angry One

Scribbling your furrow across continents,
Fizzing with political injustice
And frothing with sociopathic rage,

In this strange modern age
We see your thoughts
Like the slogans on billboards,

We read your grim, ugly stories
As they spill from your
Chipped varnish fingernails,

And we watch as you stutter giddy
From town to town
Cloaking the need for love
In shocking pink headlines
And freedom fighter prose.

There is a shiver in your fury,
A shudder in your eyes
And a rumble in your stomach,

Amidst the journey to find yourself
You’ve found cloth squares of intrigue
And stitched together a blanket,

You’ve picnicked on the thoughts of others,
All poker faced and bilious,
Hunting through voices,

An electric need for the unique,
Ignoring the uncertainty
Of songs that have already been sung,

Roads weary from wandering,
Such sorrowful fun,

On the run from

5 Responses to “The Angry One”

  1. Ken W. Simpson Says:

    Great intent with episodic lines, more for effect than meaning.

  2. Hi Ken – thanks for stopping by – not 100% sure what you mean – do you think the person I’m writing about is ‘more for effect than meaning’ or the poem itself. If it’s the latter it’s a case of unfortunate irony I guess. If it’s the former, that’s just what I was aiming for 😉

  3. The third verse confused me Dunstan. “Chipped varnish fingernails’ seemed to be the key to the antagonist in the poem, but I failed to make the connection. I guess I overreacted, because I thought it was an exceptional poem. The last few lines were like the finale to a Mahler symphony.

  4. The ‘chipped varnish fingernails’ was a quick way of trying to define the character – the semi-glamour of varnished fingernails chipped from all the typing of her stories and tales – I was also trying to convey a kind of tarnished beauty – maybe I was a bit too vague. Overjoyed that you like the majority of it though Ken. It’s a kind of anti-cod-gonzo-journalism poem if that makes any sense. Thanks for your thoughts and feedback 🙂

  5. You may have been a bit hard on principled journalists with ‘chipped varnish fingernails’, Dunstan, but I get your point. I will look forward to reading your next.

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