What are we to do?
As the melting faced
Fade into stutters,
Dizzy with numbers
And ill fed excuses,
All desperate
And carrion crowing.

Watch sports?
Sing for the Queen?
Hunt paedophiles?
Tweet discontentment
And shun LOL’s?

It’s a strange hell
Of sorts,

Caught in the middle
Of a riddle and a rock,

Locked in rhyming
And climbing
Through the crowds,
Short on air,

“It’s unfair!”
We all shout,

“You don’t care!”
And we’re out
Of luck.

But there’s hope.

There’s a crack in the sky
And a guy spinning round,
Parachutes to the ground,

He found it
Somewhere between
The dirt and the stars.

It’s oh so impressive.

If he can do that,
Anything’s possible,

One Response to “2012”

  1. Oh wow. I really like this one. I am a fan of your use of syllables and sounds. The “K” sound is among my favorites and you did it justice here is a really neat way. There’s quite a bit of an obvious hint at cynicism here, in a cynical way. I like it. Clever yin-yang talk. Smart.

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