Wasted and Plastered

You can talk like the son of a broken messiah
And waft semi-miracles like the eloquent hero
Your parents hoped you’d turn out to be,

There’s no saving your now broken small dreams,
You whispered the cracks in your brilliance
And left yourself open to shattering.

Let the brittle new believers
Suck in their honest and sombre achievements,
Lifting their trophies of desperate acclaim,

One day we’ll ignore like we’ve never before,
Some happy conclusions were meant to stay wild,
Ripped like new humour and over thought please me’s,

Wasted and plastered
With intrigue.

2 Responses to “Wasted and Plastered”

  1. I absolutely loved the feeling I had reading this over as many times as I have. “One day we’ll ignore like we’ve never before” was deepening for me with some sort of familiarity. I’m impressed with your recent work just as much as your antique work. Always intrigued..Thank you for sharing all of these works. They have helped to calm me and get my mind sturdy when it was most needed. You are mind medicine.

  2. It pleases me greatly that I provide you with brain tonic!

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