Playing Tricks

Carry on crying,

Each tear
Is a salt grain

And without it
We’re bland.

Drink tea

Like a miner
For air

And don’t
Look up
At the clock,

It’s tired of
Your staring,

It’s seen us
Both coming

And it’s


3 Responses to “Playing Tricks”

  1. This one gave me a strange feeling. It’s like waiting on something that wont give. There is no break, or explosion- Just quiet pins and needles.I like it, a lot.

  2. There are but a handful of people who really ‘get’ my poetry – and you always do, Alicia. It’s so satisfying to me. Thanks you for all your thoughts – it’s always a joy to read your feedback on here 🙂

  3. I’m grateful that you write. 🙂

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