Flights Of Fancy

They sit in containers
Watching horrors on repeat,

Castigating heroes
And blaming the weak.

They take daylight in slivers
And upload their fears

With bent flash drive fingers
And anger well steered

And snarled as they glare
Into transmission lights,

Into long, endless nights,
And long running fights,

Flights of fancy.

As children they hid in hedgerows
And whispered with torches,

All fairy tale innocence
And the drive of the naive,

They climbed trees till they bent,
Top heavy and craning,

Excited smiles growling,
Electric and wild,

They were bulbs bright and buzzing,
The rise of a sun.

Now the moon slowly takes them
Till the bile starts to run,

Till it trickles,
Then drizzles,
Then done.

6 Responses to “Flights Of Fancy”

  1. I have been away from wordpress for a long time when I came back I was so confused and its taken me awhile to get back, catch up, get my barrings. I figured out the Blog Roll finally and you are on mine now where you belong.

    I have missed your poetry immensely you are incredible =)

  2. Wow – thank you. What a lovely compliment. Good to have you back đŸ™‚

  3. Glad to be back =)

  4. Just posted the new prompt to let you know =)

  5. I love your site! Could you check out mine?
    Thanks! =)

  6. Will do đŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by

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