The Fat Man Has Spoken

He’s the kind of fat man
Who speaks with his weight,

He dribbles when angry
And eats after violence.

He has the smell of autumn
Cloaking winter,

And at his best he has words
That could dig in your chest

And turn like a blade.

He has a forehead
Well mapped,

Teeth like chipped limestone,

And late at night
Polluted by a bad childhood

He grapples women like victims
And growls like a bear.

He is living in bliss,
Time has no need to heal here,

Hear the ignorance roar,

The fat man has spoken,
The room is still wobbling.

3 Responses to “The Fat Man Has Spoken”

  1. I found this piece to be quite fascinating and wonder if it’s factual. I am happy to have read it. Thank you.

  2. Elements are factual but I tried to write something open to interpretation. If I had to create a pie chart, it’d be one third factual, one third social commentary, one third storytelling. Thank you Kay – I like it when you stop by and comment 🙂

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