The Beautiful Vermin

The fan blew cool
His hot headed instincts,

Life was too short
To ever try changing,

This was all just
A means to an end.

Strangers scuttled
On the streets outside,

The beautiful vermin,

Drinking booze
On the summer sidewalks,

All idiocy
And wild enthusiasm;

The shrill songs of laughter
As circles collide,
All cupid harpoons
And weathered delight.

The fan kept rotating
Slowly quelling his envy,

He was born to crunch numbers
And stutter at parties,
Make indents in cushions
And mutter at screens;

He was made for relaxing,
All sallow and pure,

He’s two for a penny,
His friends live abroad.

3 Responses to “The Beautiful Vermin”

  1. I love your poetry =) The new prompt is up

  2. Says:

    Wow amazing. I’m trying to use poetry in my campfire fiction!
    Love ur style.

  3. Cheers you two 🙂

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