Second Guessing

If the minutes we spend
Second guessing

Were ignored
For the hours of joy,

We could lie here
For days
Simply smiling,

Instead of sitting here
All cross-armed and coy.

2 Responses to “Second Guessing”

  1. The brevity of this poem makes it straightforward and beautifully representative of the emotions you are trying to get across. Please read mine and give feedback.

  2. Michael Golzmane Says:

    Hello Dunstan, I am so happy to be subscribing to your poetry. I found you recently by doing an internet search…. I think for surrealist poetry or something…. Not sure if your poems are that, but I’m enjoying them. Anyway, I am a composer who lives in the US, and I am wondering if you’ve ever considered if your poems could be set to music. I would love to have a shot at it, especially perhaps the poem you just sent out today. I’m happy to send you some musical samples of my work if you wish Hope you have a most wonderful day—-Michael Golzmane, Kingston, NY, USA

    Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 21:49:00 +0000 To:

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