Thick autumn leaves
On the ground,

A crisp wayward carpet
Leading nowhere;

I stand under a street light
And count the ways
I’ve kidded myself,

Eased into simple fantasies
And joked with the truth,

I’ve sat in her arms,
Tickled insecurities
And whispered
To her till dawn.

I’ve been here before,

I’ve walked these
Cloned streets
And dreamt
That the rain
Was writing stories
At my feet,

Riddles to lead me
To your opening arms,

The place I feel peaceful
When thoughts
Just dissolve,

Far away from
The suited salesmen
Gathered round corners
Smoking bravado,

The hurried
Bustle and clatter
Of bar staff and waiters
Longing for quiet,

Miles from
The rumbling city buses
Transporting the unsteady
Home safe to their beds,

To their husbands
And wives,

To their lives
Sometimes twisted.

How I wish I was
Twisted with you.

One Response to “Twisted”

  1. Says:

    yes u fucking nailed it-all the time i used to dream of city busses and city people now i dream of quite countryside and endless rain !

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