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Distant Song

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It’s those icy pavements
And the shock of white breath
As it leaks out your mouth,

Chimney smoke joining the sky
And the rise of chatter in bars,
Calm a distant song;

Down the high street

A grocer returns
To the pavement to holler
His multi-buy deals
Like he’s never felt woe,

The butcher chops steaks
With a whistle and shimmy,

The corner shop kids
Scream laughter all wild

And the local post office is all
Cards, queues and hustle.

You pull in hard
On those first winter breaths,

You haven’t left
The house in months
And your long uncut toenails
Bend sore against your shoes,

Your knees quiver slightly
And your skin hangs all dry
Like creased denim,

A wincing sadness in your eyes
Like a 5am drunkard
Stumbling through bird song.

You compose yourself slowly
Look up at the clouds
And see geese fly,

There’s the smell of logs burning
And a calm, distant song

The goosebumps
And the memories,

The cold you’ll move to warm.