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They’re wiping their chins,

All logic-less rambles
And ambling rants.

They’re drowning in reason,

Afternoon beers
Wetting their beards,

A shit sit-com rejected,
The fears of five clowns;

Two of them talk politics,
The third breaks wind,
The fourth cracks gags
And the fifth
Sits writing notes

(Doodles really –
He’s drawn a picture
Of a sausage dog smiling
And has reminded himself
To buy bacon
On the way home).

There’s a thick air
Of righteousness
And bad breath,

Frequent coughing
And shouting,

They’ve decided,

The homeless should work on farms,
Fracking should happen but only in Scotland,
China’s one child policy is a good idea,
Nuclear power has changed a lot since Chernobyl,
Young people have it too easy

And that they all hate January.