Boogie-Woogie Teeth

He had boogie-woogie teeth
The colour of whiskey sours,

And he paraded around the town
Like a peacock in a park,

Decked in pinstripes
And stale smoke,
Cheap aftershave and pomp.

He walked with a stylised limp,
Eyes twinkling in lemon juice,

A battered black book
Tucked in his waistcoat
Filled with old loves and losses,

An emerald ring on his finger,
Thin, dyed hair on his head

And a bastardised version
Of glory in his stride.

He was nothing
If not deluded,

A sucker for
Tales never ending,

The joys of battle
In his eyes;

He tinkled as he wrinkled
And he rattled when he died.

One Response to “Boogie-Woogie Teeth”

  1. I love the site! I have started putting my poems to video. I would love your feedback!

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