Your Beard

People have stopped
Talking about your beard,

They’ve moved onto
Bigger things

Like business rates
And apprenticeships.

They’ve started discussing
Brownie recipes,

Mergers and acquisitions

And the time it would take to
Skin a rabbit in a jungle

With a very basic
Grasp of butchery
And zero guidance.

There’s a silence
When you start to list

All the trainers
You’ve bought since 1992

And the best
Talking Heads singles
In chronological order;

They’re more interested
In herbal teas
And the future of SEO.

There’s some heated opinion
On British graffiti
And the best bars in Berlin,

Everyone likes Mexican street food,

Everyone hates crocs,

And they’ve all tried
To flirt with the waitress;

But no-one’s
Talking about your beard now,

As feet start to shuffle,

And you’re left
All alone
With the bill.


One Response to “Your Beard”

  1. This is a witty, ironic commentary of the modern scene with traces of sadness underpinning it.

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