We Caught Them Braying

We caught them braying,
But they weren’t donkeys,
Or horses or ponies or mules,


They were the chosen ones,
The elected,

And we tried to play along;

Instead of riding them,
We fed them,

And instead of saddling them up,
We stroked them and whispered
Sweet nothings and old folk songs,

We told them everything
Was going to be okay,

We reassured them,
Built up their confidence
And patted their rumps,

We never fenced them in fields,

We let them run free.

I digress.

We caught them braying

And it sounded
Like death’s angry corpse
Rattling and plotting revenge,

A huge rage of neighing,
A holler almighty
And a hideous roar burning wild.

All we ever did was feed them
And tell them they were clever,

Now I’m certain
They’d like us
All gone

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