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Arguments of song
Dusty cobwebs quivering
Mightiful spittle

In Sink Holes

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Crushed by the shame
Of placebos and pity,

A lot older than he should be,

With an ever growing list
Of people he dare not bump into,

Hatreds jotted down,

A receipt for every angry nightmare,
Passionate outburst and tear,

He’s the kind that laughs
At the ends of strange bars,

The knuckles in his fists

The thump of lost dreams
Collected in sink holes.

He’s wrecking his down time
With the whispering shadows,

The bruises he paints over
And the furniture he breaks
And then fixes,

He’s a beast in his spare room
Imagining war cries,

The silent scream
Of almighty,

The text prisoner,
The hostage,

He’s caged in a web
Worded darkly.

Sales Talk

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I’m not that weird comment
Or that salmon nibble,

I’m not that aside
During a strange night out
Or that pickled starter,

I’m not the gap in-between you
And the truth,

I’m the elastic in your clothing,

That stitch that made
Your pants fit sweetly.

I’m that full stop
When you asked
For a comma,

The decision that you’ve
Already made,

The elixir,

The none return,

The win win,
The yes.