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On The Other Side

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , on January 15, 2016 by dc

On the other side
They closed the forests,
Odd ferns hit the alleyways
And the town played wander;

It was run all random,
The sides had horizons,
The high streets and car parks
Wrestled ruin without hope

And the strange whirring sounds
That came from gutters and doorways
Hypnotically battered
The sorry, crestfallen birds,

Just the odd eye recording
Their another world whistles.

Clouds assembled like soldiers
Through the mouth of a monolith,

A dark carpet unravelling
With a crumpling stutter;

Loudly I lay down
There were art things
And war wounds,

A giddy abandon
Twisted in patterns,
A flattering grumble
Lying through tatters,

There were mountainsides
Cradling rainfall
And a scatter of stars
Running wild,

On the other side of the child,

Near the branches
Of crooked abandon and loss,

The quiet street when dawn yawns,

Where the creased shirt decisions
Roll into light.