When he goes
People will say
They worried a bit,

From time to time,
For years,

He struggled with his sleep,
Always looked pale,
Seemed old for his age,
Drawn and gaunt;

But he’s here
And he sings
Like a sparrow met sunshine,

Like a morning
With handshakes,

All knowing,

His bad skin glowing
Like meat
In a butcher’s shop window,

A wandering wind chime,

His heart
A sweet swollen caress.

He rattles through the streets
Imagining conversations
And intrigue,

He whistles at stray gods
And prays to his one dog,

Buys humbugs on Sundays
And drifts.

Maybe they’ll say
There’s a forgotten sub plot

To the short shrift
They supply him in spades,

Life moves at speed
Don’t you know?

Lost truths
Come and go

And the ending’s

Just a kaleidoscope
Of falling fruit
And surprises,

No more guessing,

Just expiration dates
And hindsight,

The gasps around
All rising,

Full stop.

4 Responses to “Ignored”

  1. samuelbartholomew Says:

    I really enjoy the flashing images here. There’s so much to grab on to, and the images are poignant. I also love your opening lines. They really grabbed my attention. Keep of the good work!

  2. karenrsanderson Says:

    I clicked on this link because I recognized “ignored.” I feel that way sometimes.

  3. I reckon we all do a bit sometimes

  4. Cheers for the kind words, Sam. I’ll do my best 🙂

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