That Scar Between

That scar between
This city and its suburbs,

Those broken falsetto warehouses,
The pigeon graveyards,
The wasteland that chatters to foxes

And the darkened buildings without roofs
Rotting like old lifeless teeth.

The rattling vibrations
Of traffic and bad thoughts

Shaking loose gravel
And summoning storms,

The place where the rain starts
And cars get abandoned

Beside take away menus
And singular shoes.

There are memories of fires,

Odd nuts and bolts
That will never be useful again,

A faint smell of burnt plastic,

And there’s always something
Gently crying

At any given hour
Day or night,

Here where hope staggers
And has nothing to lean on,

A beginning
Where the endings

3 Responses to “That Scar Between”

  1. karenrsanderson Says:

    Very strong imagery. I like this, though it is rather depressing. I’ve seen many places that look just like this.

  2. A bit bleak, yes. It’s based on an area I pass going home and I felt drawn to write something about it. I think most cities have areas like this. Cheers for stopping by 🙂

  3. karenrsanderson Says:

    Though we do have to write what we feel, see, experience. Many of my poems are a bit bleak as well.

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