Into The Echoes

He walked the usual miles,
Shook all the right hands,
Made the expected sacrifices,
Ticked every box,
Spoke with eloquence and wit,
Whispered honesty where possible
And painted smiles across his face
When all the world seemed slathered
In mockery and disdain.

He climbed the mountains,
Thanked the people
Who helped him get there,
Devoted respect to the pioneers
And kissed the cheeks
Of the dreamers and sycophants,
The liars and thieves,
Hoping the happiness he’d sown
Would thrive in his new sunshine.

He sat at the top of the world,
Sucked up air intended to calm him,
Broke bread and cracked eggs,
Tried singing songs into the echoes
And praised all who ever doubted him,
Questioned the moments
That had brought him here,
Lay his head on the rocks
And just stared at the sky,

So this is politics.

2 Responses to “Into The Echoes”

  1. karenrsanderson Says:

    I had a feeling it was “politics” before I got to the end. Well done. I wish we could all write about more honesty in politics.

  2. Cheers Karen. I guess it’s vaguely about finding the humanity inside it all. And like you say, the honesty too.

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