The Rotten Anomaly

He’s a mime at a picnic,
A whispering quiff,
A hidden side effect,

The breath mint spinning
Duplicitous smiles.

He trims and moisturises,
Illustrates and rhymes,

He’s the rotten anomaly,
He’s cufflinks when buttons will do.

He does the echo Jesus walk,
Slips wisdom into cocktails
And wrestles history,

He’s the tailored suit on Fridays,
An eloquence well trained.

He starts the jokes at functions,
His punch lines are telegraphed,

He’s the something that nothing once mustered
And his handshakes are falsified facts.


4 Responses to “The Rotten Anomaly”

  1. karenrsanderson Says:

    What was your inspiration for this?

  2. A few people. A recipe of various politicians, celebrities and clowns 🙂

  3. karenrsanderson Says:

    Many politicians and celebrities are clowns.

  4. Indeed

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