Through The Coffee Shop Window

The last sentence you thought
Rains heavily,

A dark cloud swells and envelops
The conversations in your mind;

A shooting star is not enough,
The glittering sky is a waste,

Even the full moon’s glow is lost
In tumbling words,

No shape or real reason
Just a cascade of breathing,

Teething children dribbling sounds
And the gush of gutters

Beating down.

All around you there is chatter
A swell of matter interacting,

Attracting sparks,
Laughing and cackling,

It’s the last thing that you need.


9 Responses to “Through The Coffee Shop Window”

  1. Oh I can feel the mood in that coffee shop… I almost imagine this being the way you would feel sitting after a break-up

  2. Haha yes indeed!

  3. Nice sound in these lines: “All around you there is chatter
    A swell of matter interacting,”

  4. Thanks Frank. That’s probably my favourite couple of lines in it.

  5. Man, if your mood is dark or down, or hour chewing on anger, the sound of mirth or joy can drive you right up the wall. That’s the impression I’m getting here. Couple sections I am drawn to:
    “No shape or real reason
    Just a cascade of breathing”
    And I really like the inner rhyme of “breathingteething”
    And I like those lines Frank pointed to.
    Nice write Dunstan…

  6. Admiring the opening lines, sounds, thoughts tumbling, chatter. The moodiness and desire for solitude resonates with me.

  7. Yes, and depression can be a lifelong battle. A thing the faithful would call a heavy cross to bear.

  8. Thanks Rob. I think you’ve really got the mood of the poem.

  9. I’m glad you felt a connection with it Grace. Thanks for stopping by.

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