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The Universal Not Knowing

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The universal not-knowing.

A ribbon of asphalt
Wrapped until it’s lost
All sense of direction
And meaning.

A desolate snapshot horizon
Glinting like lake ice disturbed,
Shimmering uneasy
Amidst thunderous percussion.

A heavy atmosphere,
Both spacious and looming,
Cultivated in a drone
And buoyed by layers of heartbreak.

A pale fog contained
In a burst battle cry,
Unsurprised as it glides
In this stark rudiment.


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He sits collecting narratives,
People drop them in boxes
Ready to sort into piles,

He looks out the window
Across the courtyard,

An overseas student whistles,
A farmer whittles a stick,
Single mothers queue for coffee
And their children run amok,

Crows gather
And rest on lamp posts,

Shadows are whispering contradictions,
Violent thoughts are trending,
There are wild winds roaming the streets
As dusk’s sky seeps all blood red.

A village fool shouts obscenties
At the idiotic masses,

An old man in well worn clothes
Rants nonsense at the crowds,

A wise and down to earth statesman
Offers comment on society’s ills,

And we’re here in the now,
We’ve put down our notepads
And started scrawling obscenties
Into wooden doors and fences,

There’s no real choice anymore,

Everyone’s upset about the lack of options
But no-one knows what the options should be
Or why they should even exist,

Lovers argue over myths,
Friends fight for alternative truths
And anger rises
Into the same cloudy sky,

Before the blame
Rains down.


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The graveyard coughs mist
As church gates sit electric
Blanched in heaven’s rust.


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He became an autumn weekday
On the outskirts of your thoughts,

Jitters crisp in the air,
Doubts heckling like bird song,

Discordant anecdotes
Backed by new voices,

Anxiety murmuring
And echoing through the dimness,

Soundtracked by blown hope
Floating away.


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From underneath that
Creased leather forehead
An art oscillated,

Undulating umbras,
Errant ballads
Reverberating to the heavens,

Wet eyes glimmering
In omnipotent

An angel
His heartbroken city,

Imparting invisible hope
And needing
Nothing in return.

Tucked In

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , on February 4, 2019 by dc

Those snow basted hills
Gently smothered by morning,
Tucked in shivering,
All hidden hopes and dank thoughts,
Shocked and bewildered by light.

Grundig Majestic

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That charged, illusive music,
A sweet distortion of genius
Seduced by vitality;

Enchanted in the lumber room,
Lost in pianos,
Oblivion shrinking,

Oscillating through
This boxed-in night,
Appropriating eternity

As the melodies swarm
Like they had to be made,
All butterflies and crickets,

Excess electrons
Cavorting through cobwebs,
As something once hidden prevails.