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An Astronaut’s Anguish

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , on April 7, 2019 by dc

The language of
An astronaut’s anguish,

A dusty, weighted blanket
Cocooned from intrusions,

A smoky, cloaked grunge
That’s outlived its disdain,

Streaks of spilled coffee
And nicotine stains,

Trapped in subterranean

It thrums with vulnerability,
All Norman Rockwell fever dreams

Drifting out into the chop,
No destination in mind,

A sigh that has long since
Embraced the inexplicable,

Fickle in passing, undressed,
A confession left whispered,

A glittering disconnection
That feels like it could cut you

And all but fade away.

A Disconnected Vagary

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , on April 6, 2019 by dc

I went looking for jeans and a jumper
And left the house wearing a dress,

The wind was sour and soft,
Like an embarrassed stranger’s cough,

A disconnected vagary
Hanging on a reverie;

They’d left all known communications dead,
Tired entrepreneurs dished out scribbled notes to plebs,

Entertainers traded pseudonyms like sex,
A mess from stress and kind regards,

Old errors on unmanned, spent radars,
Charred symbols in the parks

And satellites crying from the sky.

It was left to a dazed woman in a torn jumpsuit
To unexplain what had got us all here,

Teary eyed, numb with shock and afraid
Like an old dancehall where the songs stutter then fade,

A mess of washing left out in the rain,
Unlit bonfires and sacks of wet grain,

She sobbed words into a cloud,
All epithets and growls,

And ruined the rest of my day.