A Butterfly Effect

A butterfly effect connected,

It stuck and sweated
Like a transdermal patch

Leaking its quick, sticky dose
With split seconds of laughter,

Detached from all reason,
Secreting and tweaking,

Before resting, unhinged.

Bubbles popped the world over,

An echo deafened
And crashed,

Rivers rose and seasons crumbled,
Buildings collapsed
And earthquakes rumbled,

As we fumbled for a reason,

We we’re shuddering,
A planet vibrating on its axis,

A wild reckoning;

I saw the ground come to life,

I touched my toes
For the first time in twelve years

Falling over,

Communities pulled together,
Learnt tales from each other
And sang histories shared,

There were countless deaths
But the loss became the answer,

Divisions faded in the toil,
Harmony fluttered from
The rubble and the waste,

New stories were told.

Far, far off in the distance,
In the matted stars of sleep,

Oblivious to all chaos,
Fattened by boredom,

Idly scavenging thoughts,

Sizzling eternities
And flickering flames,

Another sun burped
And a butterfly died.

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