A New Christmas

A tiny proclamation,

A blink wrinkled in a pocket,

A cosmological oddity
Born in a collapsing star,

Spun through a facsimile
Of shining abstractions,

Drifting with zero friction,
Thinking without a thought.

A spontaneous hollow
Spawning raw

Tickling inwards
Then looping,

All casual chaos
And purled gravity.

A membrane floating
Through the cracks
Of dimensional shifts,

A meandering fervour
Falling through darkness,

Into the sweet spot where space
Wraps in on itself with a sigh;

Every single new boom
Has now started.

One Response to “A New Christmas”

  1. From a ‘blink wrinkled in a pocket’ through to that ‘single new boom’ this poem is notable for strange metaphors that your mind grasps then almost loses. Your imagery is different and your voice needs a wider audience.

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