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Another Life, Another Man

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Lost in a doppelganger’s daze,

Painting yourself into the corner
Of another empty room,
The fumes nuzzle your sweat,

Confused nursery rhymes sing
Through the bristles as night falls
And bubbles pop on the ceiling,

A back splash of petrified joy
Dancing like sparks through the dark.

Flashbacks scuttle like rats,
Rust creeps into happiness,
Wearing away your ambition
And all the sweet things that glistened
As your reveries unravelled,

The magic garden and the innocence,
The twisted fairy tales and feedback
Melting in the psychotropic lights,
Detuning till your strings became slack,
Freezing as the TV cameras rolled –

And it’s all too much and ‘very noisy’,
Another life, another man.

You were the colours of an orchard
As the sun cuts through a storm,
A magnificent Icarus dandy dressed,
A handsome charm all glints and sparkle,
Tumbling words and jumbled laughs;

A fame lopped short and left to walk home,
A mind filled with dust and fading guitars,
A sun flicked off with a switch.


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Spinning in
Our monologues,

Pretending we’re
An epilogue,

Everyone’s an

These days.

This Island

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I do not know
Where all these
Memories go
When we turn
Into dust,

I like to think
Our footprints
Are cyclical,

And this island
Is echoing.

Broken Eulogy

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He coughed like a distant storm rumbling,
Phlegmy creaks from the black,

Trapped grunts and rasped gripes,

A stuck shop shutter tugged,
An old door swinging on a single rusty hinge,
A dozen trowels scraping a concrete path,

When he laughed birds scattered
And gravity cracked.

But he was more than just a cough,

Dave was a dentist
And a miserable sod.


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Buds blare like trumpets
Heralding the swing of Spring
All brassy and ripe

Sweet Mystic Dance

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Taken by the wind
The bright-eyed child leaving home
Fluttering golden,

Tap your fairy tales
And let the whispers float out
All lily white lush,

Dream and then scatter
The odd thoughts you left hidden
In old lonely rooms,

Purge woe and master
Awkward instincts unravelled
In sweet mystic dance,

Weave your fantasies
Through songs where heartache blossoms
The moment storms cease,

And find yourself flown
The blush of summer amazed
Rhapsodic in flight.