About Dunstan Carter

I’m a 44 year old writer and artist based in Manchester, England.

My love of poetry stems back to first reading the work of Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon and Robert Graves as a ten year old in primary school. Their dark, visceral war poetry really peaked my interest and the gloomy horror of their work absolutely fascinated me.

When I first started writing though it was the ‘beat’ poetry of poets like Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and Charles Bukowski in particular, that I drew early inspiration from. I loved their wild, rambling, free-thinking approach and the rebellious, antagonist vibe they all gave off. My teenage attempts to ape their style were utterly laughable but right from the off poetry writing was something I cherished and enjoyed putting time aside for.

As a teen I also loved the work of the poets associated with the Mersey Sound scene in the 60’s. Poets like Adrian Henri, Roger McGough, Adrian Mitchell and Brian Patten. Their mixture of fun, whimsical asides mixed with biting political satire, really intrigued me and made me want to try and write something similar myself.

In my early days it was all about magpie picking little influences here and there and trying to find my voice through all the poetry I was reading and absorbing.

In my late 20’s there were a handful of poets that really made me start picking up my pen more frequently. Poets whose work was so inspiring and intoxicating it had me feverishly hunting for my own voice and style. By that time in the early 2000’s I’d got through a lot of poetry and had really honed my favourites. Like most poetry lovers these poets come from all over the place with hugely differing styles, but more than anything they inspired me to want to find my own unique approach and try to create poems only I could write.

My favourite poets include, William Carlos Williams, Vasko Popa, Miroslav Holub, Charles Bukowski, e e cummings, Dylan Thomas, Wilfred Owen, Charles Simic, Stevie Smith, Sylvia Plath, John Cooper Clarke, Philip Larkin, Zbigniew Herbert, Georg Trakl, Craig Raine, Adrian Mitchell and Ted Hughes. They’re a really varied bunch but sit me down for an hour and I could wax lyrical (and probably bore you) talking about the qualities I love about each and every one of them. They’ve become inspirational comfort blankets of a sort and I feel happy and nourished whenever I dip back into their poetry.

I’ve had a few poems published in magazines over the past 15 years and as of November 2020 I’ve started sending out some of my new work to magazines again after a 10 year break. Vita Brevis, Remington Review and Buzzin Bards have together published three of my poems, On the Edge of the Town, Their Name Was Calico Dawn and The Pond Has Gone, and hopefully there’ll be a few more to follow whilst I finish work on a debut collection.

Sometimes bits of my poetry make it into lyrics for the bands I’m in like Dead Captain, Foilface and The Abodes, and in turn the music frequently helps inspire my poetry too. If you like any of my work feel free to share it for others to stumble across!


6 Responses to “About Dunstan Carter”

  1. I love your work my friend. I was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links with my blog, http://mellifluoustones.blogspot.com/. If you are, contact info can be found on the site.

  2. I have also started a poetry blog. It deals with the different aspects of poetry, how to get published, and general issues affecting writers. Would appreciate the link. http://www.beautypoets.blogspot.com

  3. Excellent. Link added – good luck with the blog 🙂

  4. karenrsanderson Says:

    Dunstan – Would you please send me an email – karenrsanderson AT midco DOT com. I have a request.

  5. Done 🙂

  6. Dustan, I love your blog and your poetry. I often check it out when I am online. please check my blog and leave me a message at http://meyesawian.blogspot.com/ Thanks and keep the good work … Andu Mela

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