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I Wonder What We’ll Talk About

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , on May 18, 2013 by dc

Here’s some chest on show.

Leave a little bit more.

Its ‘old chestnut’ sexy again,

But how many buttons
Do you leave undone?

Let’s think of it musically,
They were not added
To accommodate organ solos.
Or the performance of organ solos,
In fact they’ve got nothing to do with
Organ solos.

I think I’ll leave

The magic number.

I wonder what we’ll talk about.

Let’s think of my best subjects;
70’s prog-rock, mopeds, swans,
The canals of Birmingham,
The price of things
Down the supermarket,

London tube stations, fly fishing,
Burt Reynolds, the Korean War,
The best place to get
Fish and chips in Liverpool.

I guess it’ll just come naturally.

I think I’ll start by asking her
If she knows that
The first bomb dropped on Germany
In World War II,
Killed the only elephant
In Berlin Zoo.

That always gets the ball rolling.

And it rhymes.