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Let’s slump
On the ground
All angular,

The world

Your face
In my neck,

A gentle kiss
On my throat.

Let’s disappear,
Find a corner
Amidst the hustle,

A hideaway,
A sanctuary,

Close your eyes,

We breathe as one,
Beat as one

As the city blurs

And we are taken
By the moment,

All twisted limbs
And hush.

To Love

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Dawn’s tickled birdsong
A dew fresh hallelujah
Alive in your eyes

Together Forever

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They felt love
And it’s constant,

It was a bit like velvet
But electric
And endless,

Transitional blankets,

The white noise
Of happiness,

The tremors
Of special;

Even when they curdled
Like milk in the sun,

Pulled hair
Till it hurt

And skirted with sanity,

They knew they would
Wrinkle and tinkle

As one,

Fallen feathers
And sun.

The Wedding

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on September 18, 2011 by dc

The dark clouds parted
A hundred smiles brought the sun
The heavens stood strong,

Romance ushered joy
Sweet songs and poetry shone
And we were all one

All doubting days gone,
Love in excelsior.

I Slipped This Under The Bathroom Door

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When the moon cries its silver
Or the sun spreads its smile,
It’s you in my mind,

You in the daydreams
That creeps across my face.

To lose you to circumstance,
New demons or sadness
Would unplug my heart;

We have the world at our feet,
Why push it onto our shoulders?
Why pull the clouds to our eyes?

I want to crown you on hilltops
And dance through the years,

Spinning with pleasure
And saluting the magpies,

Tasting the raindrops
And skipping round ladders,

We were born to weave wonder,
Please stay in my smile,

These heartbeats I cherish
Could stretch out for miles.

The Perfect Route

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You’re the clouds disappearing
As I stare through the skylight,

Dizzy taxi rides and moonshine,
Drunken snow walks and laughter,

An attic of new memories gathering,
The perfect route to dance through dreams.

Weekend Cottage

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He’s electrified

By dust cells,

Stirring porridge

By your side.

There Are Ghosts Here Now

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There are ghosts here now,
The sounds of phantom engines
Drawing up outside my home,
The smell of your skin on my linen,
Your reflection in the clock face,
Your love in all my tears.

Time was I knew what instinct meant,
Counting new birds in the sky
And resting on predictions
Of when I’d next see your smile,

But there are ghosts here now,
A hollow born from sorrow,
An amplified silence on weekends,
Something new in the wastes of this city,
The punches of inevitable endings,
Your outline all blurred in the distance.

Fresh Pillows

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , on April 20, 2009 by dc

Your hair gracing fresh pillows
Like a crown before a coronation,
A summer sun resting through blue skies,
A leaf floating gently down stream,

Your beauty in glimpses,
Occasional smiles,
Your hand on my thigh
As I drift somewhere golden.

French villages high on wine,
Dutch streets slowly winding,
London bars hiding kisses and whispers,
Our heads in the stars as we sway.

I hold you and dream till the sun breaks,
Alive in your arms like the new storms,

In two hours you’ll be gone
And I’ll be left thinking,

This night has been stolen too soon.

We Dance

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We dance far below
Leaves and branches above us
The limit is sky