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Let’s slump
On the ground
All angular,

The world

Your face
In my neck,

A gentle kiss
On my throat.

Let’s disappear,
Find a corner
Amidst the hustle,

A hideaway,
A sanctuary,

Close your eyes,

We breathe as one,
Beat as one

As the city blurs

And we are taken
By the moment,

All twisted limbs
And hush.


Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 21, 2008 by dc

You’re amazing,
You’re like the wheel,
An electric storm
Or milk chocolate on a Sunday,

Your smile
Invents new blood cells in me,
Your eyes are like caterpillars,
(In a good way –
They move magnificence),

The glow
Of your sweet honeyed skin
Slows down cars,
Makes buzzards hover
And the rain disappear,

The warmth of your touch
Is like butter on toast,
A feeling of ease,
A simple translation
Worth thousands of words.

You’re amazing,
New sensations
Come thick and fast when you whisper,
The softest of lullabies
Escaping from your lips,

Your doubts
Are not failings,
You’re a rainbow after thunder,
Puddles shining onyx blue,
A remedy from storms,

You’re arms
Are a rest from the present,
A retreat from the city,
A magnified moment
Where sadness disbands,

The truth is you’re amazing,
When I hold you
The world turns into sponge,
Birds simply give up and drop from the sky,
I need you in my life.

St Ives at Summer

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The morning has no meaning,
Your eyes delay the sunrise
And I could drink on milky skin
Till comets drop
From the darkness,
Till religion breaks the silence
And the sugar noisy summer kids
Shake sweet the gorgeous calm.

The morning has no meaning,
I’m just waiting for the evening
When all this starts again,
When all the things that led us here
Weave tight to save the lonely,
It’s electric like excitement
Was always meant to be
As we walk beneath the seagulls,

Between the breakfasts
And the unity,
The shells where oceans sing,
The light that skims the lapping tides,
This was never accidental
We are names carved into trees,
This was never just a holiday,
We are the beach, we are the sea.