Peel Away

Her dark violet eyes
Stare out the window,

There’s a fuzz on the ocean today,
Echoes are now tides,

The coastal roads wind
And they’re bumpy sometimes.

She stands in a black dress,
Hair cotton white,
Legs shaved,
Talking like a trucker,

The kind of strident that steadies;

Old acid queen dreams
From the Haight Ashbury scene,
Shotguns and drug busts
From the land of the gold rush,

Chimeric onstage provocations
With Lewis Carroll flutterings.

She can draw a white rabbit blindfolded,
The bohemian who defined a generation
Has a brush behind her ear,

Drunk wives phone for advice
As paint dries and waves lap,

Shells rattling in soft percussion,
One tap at a time,

One man, one car, one house,
One child, one job, one voice,
No more multi-tasking;

Cymbals shiver, a bass drum thumps,
Odd memories pulse

Then peel away.

4 Responses to “Peel Away”

  1. Excellent poetry.

  2. Holy Christ. I’ve got chills. Goosebumps. I haven’t visited here in a while and I’m so glad I have now. You’re still my very favorite poet! I’m incredibly envious and in awe of your damn brain. I don’t know how you do it.

    Amazing, truly. 🙂

  3. Thanks Lucy

  4. Thanks Olive, that’s such a lovely message. It’s put a massive smile on my face. That poem is part of a new book I’m writing inspired by 30 music greats. It’s about Grace Slick. I’m five poems into a thirty poem collection and I’m going to pair them with my collaged illustrations. I’m about to start an early hunt for a publisher.

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